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The Amazing Roller Squeegee

By Obvious solutions



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A Unique Design

Fully encircles the roller cover

Rounded edges do not damage the roller nap

Removes more than one cup of paint prior to cleaning

Hands stay clean

Wash the roller cover on the frame under a faucet or in a bucket

Works with any size roller nap

Simply the best roller cover cleaner on the market


The Airtight Roller Keeper

Use high quality roller covers - inferior applicators will product inferior results even with the best paint.

The perfect touch-up kit - If you miss a spot or the wall gets damaged you will now have the perfect touch-up kit.  Your roller cover will stay fresh and ready to use for months at a time.

Protect the environment - Water is conserved and landfill waste is reduced using the Roller Keeper

Eliminates - the argument " I will just throw them away " for purchasing inferior roller covers